Anabel Halliwell
8xmtkkThe Calm, Protective, Serious One
Full Name: Anabel Parker Halliwell
Nickname(s) Ladybug, A, Ana, Parker, Halliwell
Age: 23
Date and Place of Birth: November 7, 2006, San Francisco, California
Gender: Female
Occupation: Journalist

Father: Coop Hart (missing)

Mother: Phoebe Halliwell (deceased)








Species: Half Witch, Half Cupid; Charmed One
Power: Aside from the basic powers of a magical witch, such as

Anabel possesses the gifts of:

Portrayed by: Rachel McAdams (Adult)

Adair Tishler (Child)

"We may be known as the Charmed Ones, but we're just three ordinary sisters who happen to be witches." - Anabel Halliwell

Anabel Halliwell, also known simply as Ana (Born November 7, 2006), is a fictional character from the virtual roleplaying series Blessing, Magic All Over Again. The character was portrayed by Rachel McAdams in the series.


Anabel Parker Halliwell was born on November 7, 2006, in San Francisco, California. She is the firstborn child of Phoebe Halliwell, a witch, and Coop Hart, a cupid. Anabel was the daughter that her mother had seen those many years ago, and feared she may never receive. As a witch, Anabel developed the magical power of telekinesis, which allowed her to move things with her mind. But her mother bound the powers of Anabel and her younger sisters, Amanda and Alexis, trying to give them the normal childhood she was once given by her own grandmother.

Growing up, the three sisters were inseparable. Anabel did everything she could to help her mother and father take care of her little sisters. That is, until the incident occurred.

In high school, Anabel was a very popular A-list student, President of the Student Council as well as captain of the cheerleading squad. She did have a rebellious streak, where she felt as if all the pressure was being put on her, being the eldest sister. But that did not stop her from learning how to be responsible and protective of her family. Anabel was always a curious girl and with that, had an interest in journalism, which she pursued when she got into Gold State University, the same school her aunt's Prue and Piper had attended. While there, she met her first and only love, Aaron Daly.

Revelation as a Charmed One